Attorney Beatrice Fung interviewed by BuzzFeed

Attorney Beatrice Fung interviewed in BuzzFeed

Our Attorney Beatrice Fung was interviewed by BuzzFeed News about the Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie child custody dispute.  We need to stress we are not directly involved in the case but were willing to give our opinion on the general nature of child custody, and the DCFS Family Law court system.  Attorney Beatrice Fung handles Family Law including DCFS cases, and child abuse cases.  She was quoted in BuzzFeed discussing her thoughts on child custody and DCFS cases in California.

If you are dealing with child custody, child abuse, or child neglect issues Contact Us to discuss your case.  And if you have been contacted by DCFS call us immediately.

The Article written by Claudia Rosenbaum and published on September 30, 2016:


DCFS Lawyer Beatrice Fung quoted in BuzzFeed News
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