List of DCFS Judges

This is a list of judges at the Edelman Court in Monterey Park, California.  Monterey Park is located in East Los Angeles.  These are the men and women who reside over DCFS cases including those cases involving allegations child abuse or child neglect. Please note – if you are being accused of child abuse or[…]

Child Abuse Hotline, DCFS Hotline

If you are a parent or guardian and someone has accused you of child abuse or neglect they may have reported you to DCFS.  If that happens we highly recommend you Contact a Family Law or DCFS Attorney immediately.  The allegations could lead to the children being taken from your home, and even criminal charges[…]

DCFS Child Abuse Report

If you are aware of child abuse you should report it to DCFS Los Angeles.  Their web-site should have the most up-to-date information on how to contact them, and report abuse. As of 12/20/2014 this was their suggested method on reporting abuse taken directly from their web-site: To report child abuse in Los Angeles County,[…]