Edelman Courtroom

If you are dealing with a DCFS case, typically becase of charges of child abuse or child neglect, you may need to appear at the Edelman Courthouse in Monterey Park.  And if don’t have an Attorney we highly recommend you call us right away.  You want to be prepared for any allegations of child abuse[…]

coffee lawyer

Lawyers and Coffee

We are a full service Family Law office in Beverly Hills, California.  We are a strong believer in planning and preparing for our cases as much as possible before trial.   And in a lot of cases they never get to trial.  In some instances the best outcomes come from out of court settlements.  These can[…]

Riverside Child Abuse Attorney

We are a full service Family Law Office helping clients in Southern California including Riverside.  We are currently representing clients who are facing child abuse allegations.  We cannot say anything about the specifics of the cases, but we can say we are helping our clients determine the best way to deal with the situations they[…]