Child Custody Attorney Los Angeles

We provide Child Custody Attorney services in Los Angeles.

Child custody cases can be extremely difficult both emotionally and legally.  This is why we highly recommend you work with an experienced attorney on your Child Custody case.  If you are a parent, grandparent, relative, or guardian dealing with custody issues Contact Us to discuss your needs.  We have worked with hundreds of people seeking help with child custody here in Los Angeles.

As with any case we handle we ask our clients to be up-front with the situation.  The more information we have about your case the better we can serve you.

Hire Your Attorney Early in the Process

We have worked with clients who came to us the week, or even day before their court hearing.  While we still may be able to help, we know that is extremely late to the game.  The moment you find out about a child custody issue you should start interviewing attorneys, and select the best one for you.  The sooner you can discuss your case and develop a game plan the better prepared you and your Attorney will be.  If you have a child custody case Contact Us immediately.

There is No Guaranteed Outcome

If an Attorney tells you they can guarantee the outcome you want – you should look for another Lawyer.  Child Custody cases are extremely complex and the outcome is never guaranteed.  That being said, ensure you look for and hire an experienced lawyer who specializes in Family Law.  That way you are putting your trust in someone who should be well prepared to fight for your child custody rights.

Hire the Attorney Right for YOU

Most of our clients come from referrals.  We will do a good job for someone, and they will tell their friends, relatives, and co-workers.  Even if we get a referral we ask them to call us or have an in-person meeting at our office before hiring us.  We want to ensure we are the right Attorney for them.  Regardless of who you hire talk with them about their experience, their process for fighting a custody case, and their strategy.  That should help you decide if they are the right Attorney for you.  This is one of the biggest decisions you can make.  So take the right steps before choosing.

Should I hire a “Moms Attorney” or “Dads Attorney”?

A lot of lawyers market themselves as working for either Mom’s or Dad’s.  We do not market ourselves this way.  We have worked with both men and women on their child custody cases.  And we have had great success with both Moms and Dads.