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Once a Los Angeles court determines child support payments most people assume it is ironed out.  However, changes in circumstance can alter the child support payments.  These changes could include a long list of factors and circumstances.

If you are paying or receiving child support contact an experienced Attorney if you believe there needs to be a change to your payments.  We can work with you to discuss what has changed, and determine if this should make a difference in child support payments.  In California there are strict rules around child support and we help Dads and Moms deal with those rules.  And we keep up-to-date with the changing laws to ensure our clients get a fighting chance for their rights.

Initial Child Support

We also help parents who are seeking child support for the first time.  Normally these folks are very new to the system and need hand-holding to understand the process, the child support payment calculator, and other important pieces.  Our goal will be to ensuring you get what is legally right.  And once you get the child support payments established it is important to keep up-to-date on any changes which may cause a change to those payments.

Caring for a child

Caring for a child is the most important thing in the world.  Part of that caring requires money to cover things like schools, nutritional food, and a good place to live.  We want what’s best for our clients and the care of their children.  We know the California child support laws and can help you with your child support needs.  Contact The Law Office of Beatrice K. Fung so we can learn more about your child support needs and discuss representing your case.

More than the Law

Knowing and working with child support laws is essential.  Though another important part of your case is Strategy.  We help clients understand the big picture around child support cases, and help build a strategy to help them get what they want.  This is why our Attorney Beatrice K. Fung has such a great reputation in the Los Angeles Family Law system.  She is experienced, strategic, and fair.  And she fights for her clients whether it’s for child support, or fighting to get it changed due to new circumstances.

Here is a Referral from one of Beatrice K Fung’s clients:

Beatrice Fung is an excellent attorney. I am so GRATEFUL to her in assisting me in my family matter and fighting for us! She came up with a creative solution to a difficult situation that all attorneys and judges were on board with. She is kind, very professional, understanding and fair. Beatrice Fung is an excellent writer and produced an in-depth, specific petition for me that expressed exactly what I needed in professional terms. She is a great listener as well as a truly genuine professional and above all caring. Thank you again Beatrice, many times over. I can not say thank you enough! Beatrice Fung is all around a superb attorney…you want her on your side!

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