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Attorney Beatrice K. Fung was quoted in Hollywood Life as a Child Legal Expert in the Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt dispute.  Attorney Fung handles child custody and child abuse cases in Los Angeles.  Our Los Angeles Family Law Office is not involved in this case so we can speak generally about child custody disputes and DCFS.  If you are seeking a Family Law Attorney due to a child abuse, child neglect, or a child custody dispute Contact us to discuss your case.

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The article was published by Jennifer Mass on October 26th and has over 10,000 views.

Excerpt from the Hollywood Life article:

Wow. This is big. Child legal expert and family law lawyer Beatrice Fung told EXCLUSIVELY that Brad Pitt could potentially lose visitation time with his six children if the DCFS finds that he has been verbally abusive to toward them. Get the scoop here.

“If the DCFS concluded that Brad [Pitt] was in fact verbally abusive towards any of the children and that verbal abuse caused any of the children emotional harm or placed any of the children at risk of suffering emotional harm; then DCFS can potentially intervene by extending the current temporary arrangement/agreement for a longer period of time, or file a petition with the juvenile dependency court,” child legal expert and family law lawyer Beatrice Fung told EXCLUSIVELY.

The lawyer was referring to the DCFS investigation into the Allied actor following the abuse accusations posed against him after an incident where he allegedly became verbally aggressive with his children on a flight. That investigation was reportedly extended, which doesn’t make things look great for Brad. However, Beatrice did make it clear that each case is different and subject to review. “It is important to note that single incidents of ‘abuse’ are usually not enough for DCFS or the juvenile dependency courts to intervene. DCFS is looking for any patterns of behavior, any recent escalation or changes; and whether alcohol or drugs played a part in the behavior.”

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It was previously reported that the couple’s staff are being interviewed by the DCFS, but they are not actually legally required to talk. “I believe at this investigation stage staff are not legally obligated to give information unless they are mandated reporters under California law,” Beatrice told us. “Staff will usually cooperate with officials though, and the parents provide DCFS with names and contact information of those that they believe DCFS should talk to as part of the investigation.”

“However, DCFS would be most interested in talking to people who had recent and substantial contact with the family,” Beatrice continued. “In trying to accurately investigate this case DCFS are looking at patterns of behavior and any recent changes/escalation and how the child was affected, if at all, before making their determinations.” Wow. We hope for all involved this gets resolved soon, and that the best interests of the children are taken into account.


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