July 9, 2013

Custody and Visitation

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A Divorce and how the issues of Child Custody and Visitation are handled by the parents will likely have a lasting impact on the children. Often, children find it challenging to adjust to the idea of having two homes as opposed to one and as a result, their relationship with each parent may change. In deciding the issues of child custody and visitation, the Court will base its orders on the child’s best interests as outlined in California Family Code Section 3011.  Contact Us if you have questions about child custody and child visitation.

Los Angeles Child Custody Attorney

Ms. Fung’s experience, especially in representing minors in juvenile dependency proceedings, has given her insight into the challenges of protecting the children’s needs, interests and sense of security.  Ms. Fung often encourages the parties to retain control of their lives and to develop a parenting plan that meets the needs of their family. If the parties are unable to agree and the issues must be decided by the Court, Ms. Fung will help her clients protect the best interests of their children.

If you have any questions about child custody Contact Us right away to set up an appointment.


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