July 9, 2013

Divorce Services



Divorce can be a stressful and emotional time. Once the decision to dissolve a marriage has been made, each spouse is faced with decisions on how to divide the assets and financial liability fairly, how to meet monthly financial obligations based on his or her own income, and how to help any minor children understand and adjust to their new environment. Combined with the disruption of the status quo, it is understandable to feel overwhelmed.

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How We Can Help with your Divorce

Ms. Fung collaborates with her clients and helps them make choices about their own future. She utilizes a compassionate, practical and aggressive approach to representing her clients. Ms. Fung takes the time to understand her clients’ goals and objectives and provides practical solutions to help her clients reach their desired outcome with the least amount of time and expenses.If you believe you and your spouse can reach an out of court agreement, Ms. Fung will help you pursue that option. If you face a difficult ex-spouse, Ms. Fung will be prepared to aggressively represent your best interests in court.

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