Lawyers and Coffee

We are a full service Family Law office in Beverly Hills, California.  We are a strong believer in planning and preparing for our cases as much as possible before trial.   And in a lot of cases they never get to trial.  In some instances the best outcomes come from out of court settlements.  These can be very friendly or very contentious.  We have seen everything in-between.


Getting work done out of the courtroom is where your lawyer can make a big difference.  This can be in preparing for the case, and strategizing for the best outcome.  You want a Divorce and Family Law Attorney who can handle the courtroom in front of a judge, and someone who thinks ahead.


If you are looking for a Family Law Attorney in Los Angeles contact us so we can decide if we are the right Attorney for you.  Ask about similar cases we’ve handled like yours, and what we did to win them.  We cannot go into specifics about cases, but we can help you understand your case more, and help you determine the best path to winning what you want.