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Divorce can be a stressful and emotional time. Once the decision to dissolve a marriage has been made, each spouse is faced with decisions on how to divide the assets and financial liability fairly, how to meet monthly financial obligations based on his or her own income, and how to help any minor children understand and adjust to their new environment. Combined with the disruption of the status quo, it is understandable to feel overwhelmed. If you need a Divorce attorney call us right away.

Los Angeles Child Support Attorney

We help our clients deal with the issues around child support. We can work with you to help you understand the California laws around child support, and the different factors that affect the payments. Click on the picture to watch our video. We want you to feel knowledgeable about the process, and know you are working with an experienced attorney who is fighting for you.

LA Juvenile dependency Lawyer

Juvenile dependency is the area of law that seeks to protect children, who may have been abused or neglected by their parents, through court intervention. If you have questions about Juvenile Dependency or need a Juvenile Dependency attorney contact our office. When representing parents in juvenile dependency proceedings, Ms. Fung focuses on helping her clients regain custody of their children as quickly as possible.

Custody and Visitation Attorney

A Divorce and how the issues of Child Custody and Visitation are handled by the parents will likely have a lasting impact on the children. Often, children find it challenging to adjust to the idea of having two homes as opposed to one and as a result, their relationship with each parent may change. Contact us to learn about your custody and visitation right. We have worked with parents, aunts, uncles, and grandparents on this issue.

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We provide Family Law services and support throughout Southern California. Most of our Family Law cases are in in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles and San Diego. We have also handled cases in San Bernardino, the City of Orange, Manhattan Beach, Van Nuys, Santa Barbara, and Orange County. We are dedicated to helping you understand and fight for your legal rights. If you are dealing with a Family Law or Juvenile Dependency matter Contact Us right away. Our clients continually provide us referrals because they appreciate our overall philosophy. We believe in understanding your goals, and helping you achieve them. How you work towards your goals takes both knowledge and strategy. We know when to be strong, when to listen, and when it’s time to negotiate. In the end, it is all about doing the best we can for you.

  • Los Angeles Child Abuse Lawyer

    Los Angeles Child Abuse Lawyer. DCFS Lawyer.

  • Los Angeles Child Custody Attorney

    Los Angeles Child Custody Attorney

  • Los Angeles Divorce & Separation Attorney

    Los Angeles Divorce & Separation Attorney

  • Los Angeles Family Law

    Los Angeles Family Law

Beverly Hills Family Law Attorney. Child Abuse and Child Neglect Los Angeles.

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Los Angeles Child Abuse Attorney

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